How to apply

In order to apply the following documents are required:

  • Completed application form
  • Video recording of the performance (Vimeo, We transfer or other online video banks)
  • Minimum 5 high-resolution photographs of the performance
  • Detailed technical rider
  • Detailed budget
  • Any other support material you find relevant

All documents required should be in electronic form.

Conditions for participating

  • The festival covers for bed&breakfast accommodation, daily wages and local transport for each of the participants of the festival
  • The festival provides full technical support
  • The travel expenses, fees, and other possible expenses are a subject of discussion and are covered in exceptional cases. However, the festival encourages the participants to search for local support for those expenses and can provide an official invitation letter and other support to help the fundraising.

ITF Skupi Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture of R.M. and the City of Skopje